Ernests Sallinens, SIA R&D Insurance Broker

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SIA R&D Insurance Broker

SIA R&D Insurance Broker General Insurance

Business Description

We can offer all insurance types including vehicle insurance, property insurance, health insurance, life insurance, liability insurance, travel insurance, cargo insurance, construction all risks insurance and many more.

We compare quotes from all insurance companies so our clients gain many benefits:

Save Money - Because we compare all companies and make them compete with each other

Save time - Because we compare all prices and main terms of insurance

Additional safety - Because we consult about right actions after insurance case and also help clients if there are any problems with insurance payout.

Know how - I have more than 11 years of expertise so I can recommend best solutions for your business

More convenient - Because quotes from all companies in all types of insurance is available at one place

Free of charge - We get compensated from insurance companies because we save administrative costs. Therefore our services are absolutely free and you get the same or better price than you get directly with insurance companies

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